Success Factors define the knowledge, skills, and behaviors important for your personal and professional development. They provide a clear starting point for understanding what is required to reach new levels of excellence. Success factors are used in selecting new employees, promoting employees whose skills most closely match job requirements, and most importantly, developing all employees. During your PPG interview, we will ask you questions regarding your experience in situations where you have been confronted with these success factors. 

Our top leaders consciously selected six “Prime Success Factors” as being important to all employees:

Build Trust and Respect

Develop Others                                                                            
Drive Change
Focus on Results
Promote Teamwork
Understand Market and Customer Perspective

Prime success factors are important for everyone at PPG regardless of position, level, or location. Other success factors define a broad range of excellence. Some factors may apply to your job and responsibilities; others may not be directly linked, but could be critical at some future point.