Let us introduce you to...

Lorraine Hsu

Location: Allison Park, PA
SBU: Substrate Protection
Position: Research Chemist I
Alma Mater: Carnegie Mellon University, Northwestern University
My PPG Career: Since December 2010
My Current Job: As a research chemist in the substrate protection group, my primary focus involves the design and development of new polymeric resins for electrodepositable coatings. Common applications of these coatings are for industrial uses such as: heavy duty equipment, electronics, small appliances, and packaging. The technology most often utilized in these applications is acrylic chemistry.
What do you find challenging in your work? It can be challenging to problem solve issues that occur outside of the lab. It is oftentimes non-trivial to recreate the scenario and to have a solution within the desired timeframe. It can also be tough working with a customer when developing new products; the customer may not always make it clear what they really want.
What do you enjoy about working at PPG? I really enjoy working with the people here; in my department, they’re always friendly and willing to help when asked. It can be very difficult staying motivated in a non-amicable environment, which is fortunately not the case here.

Scott Moravek

Location: Allison Park, PA
SBU: Refinish
Position: Sr. Research Chemist
Alma Mater: Penn State University, University of Southern Mississippi
My PPG Career: 2008 – PhD Trainee/R&D Researcher – rotation program for new PhD hires
2009 – Research Chemist – Refinish Formulation
2011 – Sr. Research Chemist – Refinish Formulation
My Current Job: Developing or evaluating new technologies for various applications in coatings. I often get to work on new technologies where I have a lot of interaction with other groups in PPG as well as suppliers and universities. Additionally, I am involved in a number of corporate citizenship activities.
What do you find challenging in your work? I am often presented with technical challenges that relate to an existing or future need of the coatings business. This often requires gather information and resources from many sources that then will allow me to carry out the appropriate experiments to drive research progress.
What do you enjoy about working at PPG? I like the fact that, so far, I have had a new project roughly once per year. This allows me to focus on a specific need or project for a while and generate results while also not doing the same thing year after year. I also am involved in a number of smaller “test drills” that are typically interesting mini-projects. This type of work helps me be involved in new and interesting science. Most everything that I do involves working with other people to get the job done and that is something that I enjoy as well. I am constantly learning and no day at work is the same as the one before.