Diversity, as we define it at PPG, means difference. Our premise is that differences in perspectives, experience, backgrounds and more can benefit PPG and our employees.

While race and gender are two very important aspects of diversity, there are many more ways in which we differ—culturally, educationally, functionally, regionally or even by style. These differences make us individuals and allow us to make unique contributions to the success of the business.

Some of these dimensions may lead to communication problems, conflicts and other differences that impact the organization’s success. Others underscore the ways in which we are the same. These similarities allow us to find common ground and enable us to work together effectively to meet the business goals.

Within our company, the following diversity councils have been established:

Diversity Leadership Council  

The Diversity Leadership Council champions, directs and engages initiatives that drive PPG’s commitment to fostering a climate that recognizes the business value of an engaged, globally diverse workforce.

Generational Diversity Council

The mission of the Generational Diversity Council is to promote a fulfilling PPG work environment that attracts and retains young professionals and bridges generational gaps by encouraging all employees to understand and utilize each other’s strengths.

HR Diversity Support Team  

The Human Resources Diversity Support Team (HR DST) has been established to support major diversity-related initiatives and councils, including the Diversity Leadership Council, the Women’s Leadership Council and the Minority Leadership Council.

LGBT Council 

The newly formed LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) Council was formed with the mission to assist in creating a corporate environment that recognizes and supports LGBT employees, assists in PPG’s efforts to promote diversity and inclusion, and helps to identify best practices in a variety of areas affecting LGBT employees.

Minority Leadership Council  

The Minority Leadership Council focuses on the following objectives:  To create initiatives to increase minority retention and advancement, to recommend changes to enhance and focus the scope of the existing minority recruiting strategy, and to enhance on-boarding or the integration of new minority associates into the company.

Women’s Leadership Council  

The mission of the Women’s Leadership Council is to create an organizational environment that attracts, retains and advances women to contribute to PPG’s continuing business success.