Let us introduce you to...

Meghan Roe

Location: Pittsburgh, PA - General Office
SBU: Corporate Environment, Health, and Safety
Position: Manager, Compliance Assurance
Alma Mater: University of Notre Dame, University of Pittsburgh
My PPG Career: I started as an engineering trainee at the Circleville facility and became the site’s environmental engineer. Then, I moved to Pittsburgh to the corporate EHS group as Manager, EHS for the Industrial Coatings Segment, spent a short time in a similar role with Chemicals and Optical SBUs, and became Manager, Corporate Environmental Compliance. I became Manager, Compliance Assurance earlier this year.
My Current Job: I am responsible for coordinating and leading corporate EHS compliance audits at our manufacturing facilities around the world to assess compliance against local regulations and PPG’s corporate standards. I am also responsible for managing our Global Waste Stewardship Program, ensuring we have responsible, sustainable waste disposal practices.
What do you find challenging in your work? Regulations are constantly changing around the world. It can be challenging to stay current on these developments and ensure we create and implement sustainable management systems to comply with these new regulations. However, this challenge is what I really enjoy about my work. It has allowed me to work with great teams of people around the world, share ideas from different perspectives, and develop creative ideas to help the company be successful.
What do you enjoy about working at PPG? I have enjoyed getting to meet and develop relationships with people around the world working for PPG. There are so many talented people who are willing to share their experiences and work hard together to accomplish a goal. It is very energizing working on teams with people who are so dedicated! Also, the work at PPG is always challenging and different, so I’m constantly learning and stretching myself. I’ve been fortunate to have great managers and mentors who have helped to develop me and give me these new opportunities and projects.