Let us introduce you to...

 Angelina Todd

Location:  Huntsville, AL
SBU:  Aerospace Transparencies
Position:  Development Engineer
Alma Mater:  Alabama A&M University
My PPG Career:  Since 2008
My Current Job:  My current job is to develop processes to manufacture new and old programs within the facility such as Mitsubishi MJET, Dassault Falcon and Dassault Super Mid Size airplane transparencies.
What do you find challenging in your work? The challenging areas of my job include being the youngest and learning how to relate with colleagues who are older and majority male. I also find it challenging to make sure that while PPG is becoming innovative that we also minimize costs.
What do you enjoy about working at PPG?  I enjoy the opportunities to learn and get career experience in a job that has and requires such specialized skill.

Kushal Doshi

Location: Oak Creek, WI
SBU: Industrial Coatings
Position: Resin Process Engineer
Alma Mater: Carnegie Mellon University - Chemical Engineering/Economics
My PPG Career: Paint Process Engineer – 6 months, Resin Process Engineer – 15 months
My Current Job: I am a resin engineer in charge of two cationic batch reactors that produce water-based epoxies and polyurethane crosslinkers that are used in industrial and automotive applications. It is my responsibility to ensure that good product is being made consistently every time up to the customer’s specifications.
What do you find challenging in your work? The most challenging part of my job is trying to figure out why some resins have very different final properties when comparing them to previous ones. It’s difficult to understand the polymer chemistry behind certain batches and when something goes wrong, it’s puzzling to fully investigate the situation and why things happened the way they did.
What do you enjoy about working at PPG? The most enjoyable part of my work stems from the challenging workload. Having studied chemical engineering in college, I looked to work in the industry trying to use some of the information I learned in the real world, and that’s exactly what I am doing. I enjoy learning about polymer chemistry, epoxy and bisphenol A reactions, polyurethane isocyanate reactions, etc. This branch of work really gave me the ability to pull knowledge from college as well as learn new technical information that one gets from reading textbooks. Working at PPG has allowed me to understand how raw materials are converted to intermediates or final products and what are the implications of what happens in between. Learning the safety aspects, process equipment, raw material information, and chemistry really engaged me in such a diverse and technical culture that PPG is a part of. .

Eric Chuang

Location: Springdale Development Center
Position: Process Control Engineer
Alma Mater: University of Michigan
My PPG Career: Since Summer 2010 China Plant Start-up Internship in Pittsburgh, S. Korea, and China
My Current Job: Currently, I work as a process control programmer and instrument engineer at Springdale DC. I also work as a project engineer in China involving plant design and start-up. My other job involves the TiO2 project as a process engineer for China and Canada projects.
What do you find challenging in your work? It can be challenging to learn how to adapt to a fast-paced project environment on the other side of the world.
What do you enjoy about working at PPG? There's endless opportunity (especially globally), and the work is challenging and yet the work place/people is relaxing; allowing me to have fun while working hard.

Mike Thompson

Location: Delaware, OH
SBU: Automotive Refinish
Position: Senior Supervisor - Solvent Paint Plant
Alma Mater: University of Wyoming
My PPG Career: I started as an Engineer Trainee at the Natrium, WV facility making Caustic Soda and elevated to Operations Engineer for 2 years. While at Natrium, I helped found the Young Professionals Organization for that location in 2010. In April of 2011, I transitioned to a Supervisory role in Automotive Refinish where I currently work just north of Columbus, OH.
My Current Job: I supervise the production, filling, and warehousing of solvent based paints on 2nd shift.
What do you find challenging in your work? Marrying my Engineering skill set with my supervisory role to help maximize my department’s throughput and meet plant goals.
What do you enjoy about working at PPG? Everyone throughout the organization is accessible in one way or another. I am able to take a proactive role in my own career development with the support of those around me while also branching out beyond my standard job duties in a creative manner.