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Amanda Ives

Location: Cleveland, OH
SBU: Automotive Coatings
Position: Human Resources Manager
Alma Mater: BA from University of Western Ontario (Canada)
Masters of Education – Griffith University (Australia)
Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resources Management – Seneca College (Canada)
My PPG Career: 2007 – 2008: HR Supervisor, Clarkson (Automotive Coatings)
2008 – 2012: HR Manager, Cleveland (Automotive Coatings)
2012 – Zone HR Manager, South Zone (Architectural Coatings)
My Current Job: My current role provides HR Services to approximately 450 employees: 250 in the technical organization and oversight over an additional 200 in the manufacturing organization. In my role, I am responsible for consulting with management and leadership in the strategic planning process and development of human resources strategies that support the business needs. I develop, recommend and implement Human Resource Programs to drive change and maximize the opportunity to achieve Business Unit goals. I am additionally responsible for employee relations, staffing, organizational development and performance management.
What do you find challenging in your work? I always like to look at the big-picture when it comes to organizational needs and I challenge the organization to do the same. The hard part is making the necessary changes when some people are very adverse to change itself. The challenge is to find a way to get employees on-board and excited about the change; to effectively communicate the need, the impact to employees and the organization and the steps required to get there.
What do you enjoy about working at PPG? People are always willing to help and share knowledge. Many PPG employees have worked for the company for many years and carry with them a lot of knowledge. I do not hesitate to reach out to them when I have questions or concerns, and a large part of that is due to the fact that they are eager to help and never make me feel like my questions are unwarranted.