Huntsville, AL 

Huntsville, AL - Aerospace

Huntsville, AL Aerospace Facility




1719 Highway 72 East

Closest big city:

Birmingham ,Alabama and Nashville, Tennessee

Strategic Business Unit:

Huntsville, Alabama

PPG products produced:

Aircraft Transparencies


Workforce Demographics:


Nonunion – 665 employees

Town highlights:


Huntsville, AL is home to the US Space & Rocket Center / Space Camp.   Other major attractions:  Constitution Village, Early Works Museum, Museum of Art, Botanical Garden, Sci-Quest Museum, Historic Depot, Veterans Museum and the Weeden House.  Visit www. for additional attractions.

How is a new employee trained at the Huntsville facility?


A new employee would get a plant tour and would be trained by department supervisor or experienced employee.

What makes working at PPG Huntsville so great?

The Huntsville, Alabama plant is the world’s largest producer of aircraft transparencies (aircraft windshields) in the world.  We are proud of that fact!  Facility is known for the infamous bird gun.  Bird impacts are a hazard to aircraft.  Our gun has the capability of firing at Mach 1 (741 mph) , simulating the impact of a bird during flight.     PPG Huntsville took first place in the 2008 International Ergonomics Competition.  


Facility has a basketball, baseball, golf, football teams.  We also have a wellness team and focus groups.  Employee recognition,  company picnic,  health screenings,  and adult / child holiday parties are just a few of the ways we show appreciation for our employees.


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