Let us introduce you to...

Patrick Boylan

Location: Pittsburgh, PA - General Office
SBU: Automotive Refinish Coatings - IT
Position: Systems Analyst
Alma Mater: University of Pittsburgh
My PPG Career: I began my career at PPG as an application development intern working for the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Coatings IT group. The OEM Coatings IT group supports PPG’s Automotive Coatings, Industrial Coatings, and Packaging Coatings business units. Upon the completion of my internship and graduation from college, I began my full-time career as an application developer in the Customer Systems team of the Automotive Refinish Coatings IT group.
My Current Job: I am responsible for the development and support of the Automotive Refinish business’s global customer relationship management system. Additionally, I am responsible for maintaining Refinish’s eCommerce portals and marketing web applications. For the past year, I have been leading the development of cloud-based applications for PPG's collision shop customers.
What do you find challenging in your work? Prioritizing my time for my various assignments; ensuring the delivery of high quality solutions, on-time, and in-full. Learning new technologies and implementing them into meaningful business solutions.
What do you enjoy about working at PPG? PPG is a progressive adopter of innovative technologies and working for PPG regularly gives me opportunities to learn and grow, both as an IT professional as well as an individual. As a global company, PPG provides its associates with opportunities to work in various functions, for multiple lines of business, and in different parts of the world. Additionally, PPG employs a very talented and diverse workforce, which helps to promote a positive work environment. I find my work for PPG to be very rewarding. My greatest satisfaction on the job comes from solving complex problems and from the completion of projects which make an impact.

Kelly Miller

Location: Pittsburgh, PA - General Office
SBU: Corporate Information Services
Position: Programmer Analyst
Alma Mater: Penn State University - Information Science/Advertising
My PPG Career: I started at PPG as an intern in the summer of 2009. During my internship, I assisted with the migration from CMS to SharePoint, updated content on PPG intranet and internet sites, participated in a social media research and became familiar with Microsoft InfoPath. After starting full time, I began learning new technologies, specifically products that integrated with SharePoint. I also work more directly with internal customers providing design consulting and support to assist users in efficiently maintaining their websites.
My Current Job: The primary technology that I work with is Microsoft SharePoint. I have been responsible for designing web sites and then providing web training to PPG users as well as one-on-one support as needed. I’ve also worked with K2 blackpearl, InfoPath, ControlPoint , PhotoShop and other technologies.
What do you find challenging in your work? Working in IT there are always new technologies to improve business processes. This requires flexibility, continuous learning and at times stepping out of your comfort zone. It is easy to only focus on one area but new technologies are a great way to expand your skillset and develop you into a more versatile employee.
What do you enjoy about working at PPG? I’ve found that if you are motivated and willing to pursue new challenges, PPG provides opportunities to do so. I’ve been very fortunate to have excellent mentors in my career at PPG and they have played an important role in steering me towards opportunities to develop me as an employee. Also, PPG has organizations like the Young Professionals Organization and the Generational Diversity Council which provide career development opportunities to younger employees like informational workshops and networking with employees outside your business unit or function.