Specialty Products

DuraPrep® 400 Overspray, Tar & Bug Remover

Prep™ 400 is a cleaning agent engineered to remove problem overspray, bugs, tar, marker and fresh spray paint from a painted surface without damaging the underlying paint. Environmentally safe and easy to use, it is clear and biodegradable liquid with low odor.

• Non-flammable, non-carcinogenic
• Contains no Methylene Chloride
• Will not burn skin
• Will not damage Plexi-Glass® or Lexan®
• Non-ozone depleting
• Low odor
Overspray removal from vehicles and spray booth lighting fixtures, fresh aerosol paint on painted surfaces, bus shelters made of Plexi-Glass®, scuff marks on walls and floors, printing ink on rollers, walls, etc., removal of marks from pen, lipstick, crayon and felt markers, removal of adhesive tape residue

Product data sheet                                    MSDS 

DuraPrep® 500 Flooring Adhesive and Mastic Remover

Prep™ 500 Adhesive and Mastic Remover will quickly soften and remove carpet underlayment, black mastic, asphalt and latex glues. By reducing labor of adhesive removal, Prep™ 500 makes commercial and residential flooring restorations cost effective and easy. (For yellowish or whitish acrylic carpet glues use Prep™ 200)
• Non-abrasive
• Water rinse clean up
• Easy to use
• No petroleum solvents
• Safe on most paints
• Penetrating liquid formulation 
Foam carpet underlay, Indoor/outdoor carpet, Tile adhesive, Black mastic, Flooring & laminate adhesive, Tape & sticker residue and Bubble gum

Product data sheet                                    MSDS