About Us 

PPG has a long standing history of serving the US government as well as all branches of the military.

The PPG Aerospace portfolio is comprised of a unique group of products and services. Through a series of strategic acquisitions, PPG has assembled a team of industry leaders that builds on its own long history as a transparencies aviation leader.

PPG Aerospace Transparencies is the world leader in the manufacture of military aircraft and helicopter transparencies with more military transparency products in service than any other company. PPG’s SecuriTect® and OmniArmor® brands of Transparent Armor are designed and tested to provide enhanced protection against some of the most sever ballistic and blast threats. PPG offers a menu of existing designs and cross-sections that have been tested and certified against known threats. Our engineering and design team works closely with U.S. military agencies and vehicle OEM’s to develop new lighter weight Transparent Armor solutions for protection against evolving threats.

PPG Aerospace Coatings & Sealants strategically evolved into the worldwide leader of innovative solutions for the commercial, general and military aviation markets with the acquisition of the PRC and DeSoto brands. Selective Desothane® brand coatings are certified to U.S. Air Force and NavAir military performance standards. The PRC Rapid Seal® line of Aerospace sealants and adhesives is unparalleled in the industry.

Our Architectural Coatings can be found protecting army and air force bases, and the nation’s government buildings. These coatings are a compliment to the energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing Architectural Glazings delivered to the US governments through the PPG Flat Glass business. After more than 125 years as the technology and innovation leader in the Glass industry, PPG continues its industry leadership with glass and fiberglass solutions to protect US government buildings against blast and ballistic threats.

The Amercoat brand of PPG Performance and Marine Coatings is recognized as a world leader in the marine coatings market. After acquiring Sigma Kalon, PPG’s global offering of coatings solutions for military and commercial ships became unprecedented in the market. The strategic and comprehensive portfolio of products offered through the combination of Ameron and Sigma brands is unmatched.

PPG’s diverse technology offerings are showcased through the comprehensive Military Coatings portfolio, offering products in liquid, powder, and electrodeposition formulations. In addition to heavy duty equipment industrial coatings, PPG offers qualified military specification coatings. This broad portfolio of coatings includes solutions for every stage of the survivability `process. From substrate protection and pretreatments, to primers and topcoats, the Military Coatings brand of products has solutions for military vehicles and land equipment to protect against corrosion while performing to military standards throughout the service life.