Physical Asset Protection 

PPG offers a customizable range of integrated solutions that provides the government with advanced physical asset protection against evolving blast/multi-hazard threats.


PPG products are designed to work together to provide the government with a trusted source for blast mitigation and building hardening to resist the increasing terrorist threat that threatens our nation’s physical assets here and abroad. Solutions are applicable on both new construction and retrofit applications.

PPG Mil-Tough™ Lightweight Protective Panels
are precast, reinforced panels built under controlled manufactured conditions to deliver reliable and predictable blast and ballistic mitigation performance for new and retrofit construction projects. Due to
the higher level of strength delivered by the base Inorganic Composite Binder (ICB) and the strength
multiplier of its composite reinforcement, Mil-Tough™ ICB Blast Panels meet or exceed GSA blast performance in thinner and lighter forms without steel rebar or support structures. Panels are available in a number of sizes and levels of threat protection as well as in a wide variety of designs, styles and colors to complement all types of building décor while offering
superior protection for the occupants.

Mil-Tough™ BR Polyurea Coating is a twocomponent, flexible light grey coating used in federal
and military buildings to improve the blast protection of walls. The aliphatic amine and polyisocyanate
components make this material durable to UV exposure. It provides enhanced blast mitigation for
military infrastructure and spall resistance.

Security Glazings provide a combination of blast, ballistic, and intrusion protection. PPG and Sierracin
Corporation, now a wholly owned business of PPG, have deep experience in transparency technologies for
aircraft, rotorcraft, armored military vehicles, and other specialty applications requiring high performance
and impact resistance. PPG glass coating technologies can also provide enhanced functionality to security
glazings such as solar control, RF/IR attenuation, defrost technology, and color options for aesthetics.

Pitt-Char XP Pitt-Char® XP Fire Protective Coating is a two-component epoxy based intumescent coating. Pitt-Char XP
is ideal for applications where fire and/or bomb potential are high. PPG’s Pitt-Char product is ideal for the structure
steel in any major construction projects such as embassies, hospitals and airports. The product is UL
rated to provide at least 2 hours of fire protection meaning that if a structure were on fire – the fire
protection will reduce the rate of the loss of the steel’s integrity by delaying the heat transfer that
deteriorates the chemical composition thus losing its strength. Ultimately the two hours of fire protection
ensures a reasonable period of time so that all of the building occupants can evacuate should the structural
steel completely fail.