Force Protection 

PPG Mil-Tough™ Lightweight Protective Panels are precast, reinforced panels built under controlled manufactured conditions to deliver reliable and predictable blast and ballistic mitigation performance for new and retrofit construction projects. Due to the higher level of strength delivered by the base Inorganic Composite Binder (ICB) and the strength multiplier of its composite reinforcement, Mil-Tough™ ICB Blast Panels meet or exceed GSA blast performance in thinner and lighter forms without steel rebar or support structures. Panels are available in a number of sizes and levels of threat protection as well as in a wide variety of designs, styles and colors to complement all types of building décor while offering superior protection for the occupants.

Mil-Tough™ BR Polyurea Coating is a twocomponent, flexible light grey coating used in federal and military buildings to improve the blast protection of walls. The aliphatic amine and polyisocyanate components make this material durable to UV exposure. It provides enhanced blast mitigation for military infrastructure and spall resistance.