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Spandrel Glass

Originally coined in the 1400s as an architectural term to describe the space between two structural arches on a building, the glass industry uses the term spandrel to describe the panel-like area between the head of a window on one level and the sill of the window immediately above it on an all glass building. The glass used in this area is opaque and colored to help hide the electrical and mechanical areas between floors.

PPG Architectural Glass has formed a marketing alliance with ICD High Performance Coatings the industry leader in spandrel glass coatings, to offer high performance, aesthetically pleasing spandrel glass solutions to meet all your project needs.

ICD High Performance Coatings manufactures OPACI-COAT-300® spandrel glass coatings. When these colorful, water-based coatings are combined with Starphire® Ultra-Clear Glass by PPG in a spandrel glass unit, they offer a vivid palette of spandrel glass solutions with unparalleled brightness and color fidelity.