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Solar heat gain with PPG

Tinted Glass by PPG

PPG offers two families of tinted glasses – the Oceans of Color® ocean-inspired collection and the Earth & Sky collection of classic blue, bronze and gray performance tints.

The Oceans of Color palette is engineered to provide the color options that are in high demand. The collection features four water-inspired tints: aqua-blue Azuria® Glass, emerald green Atlantica® Glass, light green Solexia® Glass and the new strikingly rich blue Pacifica® Glass. In addition to looking great, the Oceans of Color tints provide industry-leading rankings for visible light transmittance, reduced infrared transmittance and low solar heat gain coefficient.

The Earth & Sky collection offers a full range of aesthetic and performance options. From Solarblue® with its high visible light transmittance to the rich tints of Solarbronze® and Solargray® that provide both privacy and solar heat gain control, to the subtle, light gray Optigray, designed to maximize light transmittance and color neutrality, this family of nature-inspired tinted glasses delivers an abundance of energy savings, along with traditional good looks.

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