Passive Solar Design

Passive Solar Design with SUNGATE® 600 Glass

Sungate® 600 glass is a multi-functional, neutral-transparent glass that takes passive, low-emissivity (low-e) glass to new heights of performance and functionality for a wide range of climate conditions. Using an array of tints and coatings, Sungate 600 glass helps buildings retain comfortable interior temperatures year-round – regardless of how hot or cold it is outside.

When the climate is moderate, and the goal is heat gain, the coating for Sungate 600 glass can be applied to the No. 3 surface of an insulating glass unit (IGU), functioning as a traditional high-performing, passive, low-e glass. Configured this way, Sungate 600 glass provides a U-value of 0.33 that reduces heat loss, a solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) of 0.65 and a visible light transmittance (VLT) of 71 percent, meaning more heat and light are allowed into the building.

In colder climates where higher insulating values are required, the coating for Sungate 600 glass can be placed on the No. 4 surface of an IGU with a solar control, low-e glass such as SOLARBAN® 60 glass on the No. 2 surface. This configuration yields a 20 percent net gain in U-value without the need for a triple-pane IGU.

The coating for Sungate 600 glass can also be placed on the No. 3 surface of a 1-inch IGU and paired with a tinted or reflective glass from the OCEANS OF COLOR® glass or Earth & Sky collection by PPG, or with any SOLARCOOL® glass or VISTACOOL® glass , it can improve U-values by up to 30 percent. This combination enhances both SHGC and U-value performance – all while offering a wide range of aesthetic options.

When used on the No. 4 surface of a double-pane IGU, Sungate 600 glass features a pyrolitic coating that is chemically bonded to the glass while it’s still molten. The resulting star-crystalline coating structure gives Sungate 600 glass as surface that is 25% smoother and easier to clean than the coatings on traditional pyrolitic coated glasses.

For detailed performance data, please review the Sungate 600 low-e glass product data sheet.

To see if Sungate 600 Glass meets your aesthetic and performance needs for your next project, visit the PPG Glass eVIEW.

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