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Low E Glass

NEW Solarban® z75 Low-e Glass Joins Solarban® z50 Low-e Glass in Providing Superior Solar Control

With their steel-blue, grey appearance and high levels of visible light transmittance, Solarban z75 and Solarban z50 low-e glasses look similar, but each provides a different level of solar control performance, enabling architects to specify the optimal choice for local climate and building code demands.


Designed with a cool, neutral aesthetic, Solarban z75 and Solarban z50 glasses excel at controlling glare while offering superior daylighting and solar control properties to support sustainable design. The result is a pair of products with visible light transmittance (VLT) and solar heat gain coefficients (SHGC) that meet or exceed competing architectural glasses with a similar aesthetic.

Following its proven performance on the international market, Solarban z75 was just released for distribution in North America. Solarban z75 glass has a SHGC of 0.24 and VLT of 48 percent, which combine to yield a light-to-solar gain (LSG) ratio of 2.00 in a standard one-inch insulating glass unit (IGU) with clear glass.. These exceptional solar control characteristics make Solarban z75 glass an excellent choice for warmer climate zones with high cooling costs.

In the same configuration, Solarban z50 glass registers a SHGC of 0.32 and VLT of 51 percent, producing an LSG ratio of 1.59. Consequently, Solarban z50 glass may be better suited to climate zones that are more equally balanced between heating and cooling seasons.

With interior reflectance levels below 10 percent, Solarban z75 and Solarban z50 glasses provide building occupants with clear, natural outdoor views. Similarly, because of their neutral color, Solarban z75 and Solarban z50 glasses harmonize well with other clear and color-neutral solar control, low-e glasses, such as Solarban 67 and Solarban R100 glasses.

Review the Solarban z75 and z50 product data sheet for detailed performance data. To see if Solarbanz75 and z50 glasses meet the aesthetic and performance needs of your next project, visit the PPG Glass eVIEW.

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