Sunclean Glass

Ease Maintenance Requirements with Sunclean™ Self-Cleaning Glass

SunClean Self-Cleaning Glass is a safe, easy, cost-effective solution for keeping commercial buildings looking great. Formulated with a proprietary coating that is activated by ultraviolet rays from the sun, it causes organic material to gradually decay and be rinsed away when it comes into contact with rainwater. SunClean glass by PPG is ideal for skylights, sloped glazing, canopies and other hard to access areas.


In addition to being both photocatalytic (the process that enables the glass to gradually decompose organic material when exposed to UV light) and hydrophilic (the process that causes water to flatten and spread out when it hits the surface), the TiO2 coating on SunClean glass is extremely durable, since it is fused to the glass substrate while it is molten, which creates a strong chemical bond. The strength of the coating has been proven to remain intact even after prolonged exposure to rain, sunlight, salt and other environmental hazards.

SunClean glass is available exclusively as a first-surface coating on clear glass. A versatile option, it can also be used monolithically, in a laminate or combined with Sungate passive low-e and Solarban solar control, low-e glasses in IGUs. Finally, SunClean glass may also be used with PPG’s tinted glasses from the Oceans of Color or Earth & Sky collections for even greater aesthetic options.

Like every architectural glass product manufactured by PPG, SunClean glass is Cradle-to-Cradle CertifiedCM, demonstrating PPG’s ongoing commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.

For more details, please review the Sunclean brochure.

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