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Storefront Glass

STARPHIRE® Ultra-Clear Glass

Building designs that incorporates Starphire glass by PPG achieve two goals – stunning clarity and amazing durability. Because Starphire is available in thicknesses up to one inch and provides the highest level of transparency in the industry, it has been the glass of choice for iconic structures across the country, including the Comcast Center in Philadelphia, the Alcoa Building in Pittsburgh, and Streeter Place in Chicago.

Starphire contains as little as 10% of the iron content of regular glass – allowing it to transmit 91% of light, compared to 83% for regular glass – without the greening effect typically associated with thick glass panels.

Designed for a wide variety of interior and exterior commercial applications, including storefronts, entrances, skylights, interior partitions and decorative wall panels, spandrels, building facades and showroom windows, Starphire ultra-clear glass is stocked regionally to assure consistent supply reliability.

When beauty, clarity and functionality are the cornerstones of a design vision, accept no substitutes – choose Starphire Ultra Clear Glass.

Click through the Starphire links on the right to get detailed performance information on each product.

And to see how Starphire Ultra-Clear glass maintains edge clarity and a beautiful aesthetic as the glass gets thicker and longer, download the new edge color guide. Learn how the Starphire Ultra-Clear glass edge brings more light into interior space while offering unmatched levels of brightness, color fidelity, clarity and visual excitement.


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