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PPG Architectural Glass Tools

The following are innovative tools that can help you assess and compare the architectural glass and glazings products that you may be considering for your next commercial construction project:


PPG Glass eVIEW is a comprehensive set of tools designed to help architects, specifiers, fabricators and glaziers identify the PPG glass products that best meet their projects' aesthetic and performance goals.

Search through PPG Glass' extensive selection of products and compare the features and benefits of each. Construct a custom IGU from the virtually unlimited number of glazing configurations. View the glass you've selected or configured to see the impact it will have on visible light.

After you've identified the product you need, browse our Project Gallery to view completed projects that have used it and order a sample to see the amazing aesthetics for yourself.

Search Products

Find the PPG glass product that best meets the aesthetic and performance needs for your next project.

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Construct IGU

Select from a wide range of options to construct the ideal IGU.

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View Glass

See a piece of glass from all angles and experience the impact it has on interior and exterior views.

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Project Gallery

A visual search tool, the project gallery showcases the best use of PPG glass products.

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Order Sample

Request a sample and see the aesthetic and performance benefits of PPG Glass firsthand.

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PPG Glass Performance Calculator

The PPG Glass Performance Calculator has been updated and is now included in the PPG Glass eVIEW as the CONSTRUCT IGU function. The data used in the existing PPG Glass Performance Calculator is no longer current, and the tool will be discontinued as of May 31, 2013. To create a custom insulated glass unit using architectural glass products by PPG, please see CONSTRUCT IGU above or Get Started Now.


PPG Energy Modeling of Architectural Glazings

This tool will help you compare the real energy costs associated with specific architectural glazings according to the U.S. Department of Energy's energy modeling software.


PPG Thermal Stress Analysis Tool

PPG's Thermal Stress Analysis for Insulated Glass Units provides glass recommendations based on the design input of your project.


Building Information and Modeling (BIM)

Building Information files for PPG Architectural Glass Products are available for download as Revit(®) Architecture files on sweets.com and Reed Construction/SmartBIM.