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PPG Concierge Program™


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Introducing the PPG Concierge Program™ for PPG Certified Fabricator Program® Partners

Commercial glazing projects are becoming more complex with more complicated curtain wall designs, more fabricated glass configurations and more compressed lead times. The significant growth rate projected in the commercial construction market means that the demands being placed on the production and project management teams of our PPG Certified Fabricator Program® (PPG/CFP) partners are going to increase similarly.

Most projects, even larger ones, can be handled through the normal glass order fulfillment processes. But for those unique projects that require atypical glass configurations, non-standard glass components, accelerated delivery timeframes, advanced quality specifications or are notably high-profile, a higher level of attention is required.

That’s why PPG has developed the PPG Concierge Program.

Program Benefits

  • Available only to PPG/CFP members
  • Dedicated PPG Concierge Program manager to assist you
  • Priority scheduling, inventory and production
  • Minimized risk of glass supply-chain disruptions

How the PPG Concierge Program Works

The PPG Concierge Program is an end-to-end service designed to provide you with customized PPG glass logistics and project coordination for complex or high-profile building projects.

Step 1: Concierge Project Consideration

After receiving a signed or verbal letter of intent from your customer, simply contact your PPG Architectural Services Team or submit a project consideration form to Concierge@ppg.com. Projects not requiring the specialized support of the PPG Concierge Program will continue through the normal customer service channel.

To be evaluated for the PPG Concierge Program, please include the following information about your project:

  • Project size
  • Unit configurations and glass thicknesses
  • Unit sizes and cut-size requirements
  • Special quality standards or specifications
  • Accelerated delivery schedules
  • Other issues that make the project complex, such as a new PPG glass product or a high-profile architect, building, owner or glazier.

Step 2: Project Evaluation and Planning

When a project is identified as requiring support through the PPG Concierge Program, the Concierge Program Manager will contact you to:

  • Understand the full scope of the project
  • Identify critical path milestones for you, the glazing contractor and PPG

Step 3: Communication and Project Coordination

Equipped with detailed project information, the PPG Concierge Program Manager will then communicate the project’s glass requirements to internal PPG personnel, including logistics, production and customer service. Working together, they will:

  • Register the project in PPG’s Demand Forecasting Model
  • Reserve the specified glass products and quantities from existing inventory or future production, if necessary
  • Implement any advanced quality standards or specifications
  • Communicate critical dates, such as purchase order requirements, estimated PPG production and/or inventory planning and initial glass shipments forecasting

By providing customized coordination of PPG resources, the PPG Concierge Program will help you deliver better results for the building owners, architects, general contractors and glaziers you’re working with on complex projects.

For information on the PPG Concierge Program, download our brochure, email the PPG Concierge Program Manager or call 412-820-8004.