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PPG Cool Metal Coatings

No matter what type of building project, there's a PPG cool metal coating to protect it and enhance the appearance. From commercial projects, to industrial facilities, agricultural buildings or residential projects, you can count on PPG's products, service and support. Have a project? Protect it with PPG's cool coatings for metal buildings.

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DURANAR® ULTRA-Cool® Coatings

A PVDF coating system that reflects well on you.

The DURANAR ULTRA-Cool coating system for metal substrates offers more heat reflectivity than virtually any other roofing material available letting you realize significant energy savings with a color palette that ranges from bold and bright to deep and dark. An ENERGY STAR® reflective roof product, DURANAR ULTRA-Cool coatings are based on PPG's renowned DURANAR PVDF coating system that, when applied and cured on properly prepared substrates, exhibits exceptional color stability, fire and chalk resistance and durability.

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DURANAR® VARI-Cool™ Coatings

Color in motion.

Imagine a roof or wall panel whose color shifts subtly from warm terra cotta to rich copper brown and finally to vivid green. That's DURANAR VARI-Cool in action. This groundbreaking polychromatic coating by PPG delivers a palette of vibrant color while offering superior protection. Delivered in cost-effective coil application, DURANAR VARI-Cool coatings benefit from the foundation of a factory-applied Kynar 500 or Hylar 5000 resin system, which are well known as best-in-class coatings.

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Durastar® SMP ULTRA-Cool® Coatings

The best silicone-polyester coating under the sun.

Durastar SMP ULTRA-Cool silicone-polyester coatings offer superior performance in harsh environments. Engineered with a proprietary resin technology and an innovative formulation process, they outperform all other silicone-polyester coatings for resistance to chalk, fade, corrosion and moisture. Choose from a full range of gloss options ideal for commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential metal building applications.

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