Metal Coatings

DURANAR® VARI-Cool Coil Coatings

Duranar Vari-Cool IR reflective fluoropolymer coatings are multi-coat systems consisting of a primer fluoropolymer topcoat, providing excellent performance against weathering in all environments. Duranar Vari-Cool coatings are perfect for a wide variety of projects, such as roof panels, building panels, curtain walls, store fronts, accents and corporate signage. In addition to a range of pre-formulated colors, custom formulations are also available, offering designers a unique look while meeting the needs of builders. Duranar Vari-Cool coatings also offer exceptional color stability, chalk resistance, durability, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and flexibility.

Duranar Vari-Cool is the only coil-formed polychromatic coating integrating energy-saving ULTRA-Cool technology and to meet the cool roof requirements of LEED, ENERGY STAR®, Title 24 and ASHRAE 90.1. The other potential benefitsto Duranar Vari-Cool include reduced air conditioning costs for commercial and residential construction, less product expansion and contraction, and improved comfort levels for building occupants.

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