Metal Coatings
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Field touch-up and repair

There are times that an OEM painted system needs to be repaired because of incidental scratches or minor damage from manufacturing processes, part fabrication or installation. The following products are recommended by PPG depending on the technology and end use for these types of general repair. These repairs can be made at an OEM manufacturing site or in the field following PPG’s application guidelines.

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AAMA 2604 & 2605 repair system

DURANAR® & ACRYNAR® PVDF fluoropolymer liquid systems

DURANAR PVDF & CORAFLON® FEVE fluoropolymer powder systems

Duranar ADS coatings are based on the same resin technology as Duranar factory-applied coil and extrusion finishes. These finishes have been performing well on a multitude of buildings around the world and in every climate condition for over 40 years. Used on high-rise building and architectural metals and accents, Duranar coatings have gained a reputation as the industry’s best known and most trusted brand of fluoropolymer coatings.

PPG’s Duranar ADS coating has been specially formulated using KYNAR® ADS resin products to be a true air dry system with the characteristics of the original finish for durability and color fastness. PPG’s Duranar ADS coatings are exclusively distributed by Nanochem Technologies in Elkhart, Indiana.

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Duranar ADS coatings technical bulletin

Duranar ADS coatings – FAQ

AAMA 2603 repair system

POLYCRON®/DURACRON® liquid coating systems

ENVIROCRON® 03 powder coating system

PPG's DURACRYL® acrylic lacquer is the recommended touchup for residential quality acrylics and polyesters. PPG touch-up for these systems can be purchased at your local PPG refinish distributor or auto parts store. Follow application guidelines with the purchased product.