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Rework Procedures

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There are currently no set rework procedures for all the possible situations that may arise in the field. When refinishing a painted surface with exposed bare substrate, a determination must be made concerning the cleaning, pretreating and priming of the area prior to topcoat application. This usually depends on the size of the repair area, the factory applied system and the project location.

PPG Duracryl Acrylic Lacquer is the recommended touchup for residential quality acrylics and polyesters (Duracron, Polycron, Truform). This same touchup can be used on high performance finishes such as Duranar, Coraflon & Truform SP only for minor spot repairs. Duranar ADS or Coraflon ADS must be used for larger repair areas.

Field Touch-up Procedures

Surface Preparation

  • Surface must be clean, dry and free of foreign contaminants.
  • Lightly scuff sand surface to be recoated, feathering edges at the damaged area.
  • Remove sanding dust and other contaminants with solvent dampened, lint-free cloth or use tack cloths.
  • Large areas of bare metal must be cleaned and pretreated with a field-applied conversion coating. For aluminum, use Alumiprep #33 and Alodine 201 or equivalent. For HDG steel, use Metalprep 79 and Galvaprep SG or equivalent. The above pretreatment products are offered by The Henkel Pretreatment Co. Call 1-800-521-1355 for a distributor in your area. Apply according to label directions on manufacturer’s containers.
  • For systems requiring a primer, immediately prime any pretreated substrate with PPG Duracryl Primer (UC51760) or the two component wash primer (97-687/97-688). Following label directions closely.

Application of Touch-up Enamel

  • Ambient air temperatures and surface temperatures should be above 50° F for application of the paint and for a reasonable length of the initial drying period (24-hour minimum).
  • Application is usually made with air spray equipment. Rolling and brushing does not provide a smooth film due to the drying speed of the touch-up type coatings, although it is possible for small scratches or minor defects.
  • Multiple light passes to slowly build to the desired dry film thickness is recommended.

Touch-up Product/Reduction

  • Follow specific instructions for the PPG product being used.