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Kaleidoscope Workcell

For Coil & Extrusion Coating Manufacturing... A better way to make your paint for batches from 5 to 1000 gallons.

PPG's Kaleidoscope Workcell represents a new and innovative process for making coatings in 5 to 1000 gallon batches - the most commonly ordered batch quantities - especially for custom coaters. The Kaleidoscope Workcell incorporates highly-precise, computer-controlled dispensing and formulating capabilities, which deliver the following benefits:

  1. Minimized variability - Get exactly the coating you want, the first time and every time.
  2. Reduced lead time - Get your coatings exactly when they're needed, with shorter lead times and more timely delivery.
  3. Reduced inventory - Reduce or even eliminate your inventory storage costs.
  4. Minimized waste - Buy exactly the amount of coating you need to match your production schedule.

See what PPG's Kaleidoscope Workcell can do for you.

The PPG Kaleidoscope Workcell is nothing less than a revolutionary way to manufacturer 5 to 1000-gallon batches of coil and extrusion coatings. To see how this better way to manufacture your small-batch paint orders can benefit you, contact your PPG representative. Or call 800-258-6398.

Created for Applicators and Fabricators

PPG's Kaleidoscope Workcell was developed in response to the needs of coil coaters, extrusion coaters, and product fabricators for a better, more efficient, more time sensitive way to get the coatings they need.

The Kaleidoscope Workcell eliminates the labor- and time-consuming preassembly of resins, pigments, solvents and additives prior to formulation. Components are automatically drawn from individual storage containers in just the right proportions to match your specifications.

Mixing the coating right in its shipping container makes the manufacture of smaller batches much faster. This results in quicker turnaround and delivery. An the Kaleidoscope Workcell is a closed-loop process, so waste is recycled and reused, making the process environmentally friendly.

High Quality, Small-Batch Paint Manufacturing

Another advantage of the Kaleidoscope Workcell process is that QA testing of a coating can be performed on a small initial sample of the production batch. Once QA determines the coating to be within specifications, the Kaleidoscope Workcell's precision dispensing capabilities enable it to produce exactly the same formulation for the rest of the batch.

It also means that the coating will exhibit minimal variability in color and physical characteristics, and that subsequent batches ordered at a later date will be virtually identical to the original batch.

Precise and Efficient

The keys to the Kaleidoscope Workcell are its sophisticated computer-control system and precision dispensing capabilities. They provide precision dispensing of coating components to within one gram in 50 gallons.

PPG's advanced computer-control technology also enables the Kaleidoscope Workcell to run virtually "paperless". Orders are entered automatically, prioritized according to your delivery schedules, and continuously monitored to ensure you get your coatings on time and according to your precise specifications.