Metal Coatings

PPG Coatings for Building Renovation and Restoration

PPG IDEASCAPES™ integrates glass, coatings and paint to provide you with a complete solution for exterior building renovation and restoration. Whether you need to refurbish exterior metal, replace legacy glass for aesthetic or performance improvements, or are in need of reskinning a building, PPG has the products and the people to get the job done.

PPG offers a complete line of metal coatings for commercial building renovation and restoration. Coraflon® ADS (air-dry system) field-applied fluoropolymer coatings are ideal for the on-site refurbishing of weathered metal and aluminum building panels, extrusions and components.

Introduced in 1995, Coraflon ADS coatings are available in the industry’s widest array of tints and sheen levels. They also deliver exceptional chalk resistance, together with excellent color retention capability. Structurally sound building panels and components restored with Coraflon ADS coatings are eligible for warranty protection of at least 10 years. Read about Coraflon ADS coatings in the Journal of Architectural Coatings.

PPG also offers DURANAR® ADS coatings for OEM painted systems that need to be repaired because of incidental scratches or minor damage from manufacturing processes, part fabrication or installation. Click here for more information.