Metal Coatings
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PPG Metal Coatings Tools

The following are innovative tools that can help you assess and compare the PPG metal coatings products that you may be considering for your next commercial construction project:

PPG Digital Architectural Metal Coatings Binder

The PPG Digital Architectural Metal Coatings Binder provides continuous electronic access to PPG's entire collection of metal coatings catalogs, product brochures and data sheets, with everything you need to know about industry-leading brands such as Duranar®, Coraflon®, Duracron®, Durastar®, Envirocron®, Environ® Polycron®, ULTRA-Cool®, VARI-Cool® and more. You'll also find color cards, technical guides, white papers, case studies and sustainability tools, along with sourcing information for PPG Certified Applicator™ program participants and PPG approved extrusion applicators and coil coaters.

PPG Cool Colors Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) Database

The PPG Cool Colors Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) Database is a tool that allows you to view PPG cool metal coatings colors, enabling you to select the best metal coating color for your next project. If you just want to see all of our cool colors, simply select “Search” and the default view will render a listing of all Cool Color Families and their values. Selecting a specific color will activate the details in which all specifications, including registration information, is accessible.

Project Gallery

PPG’s Project Gallery is a visual search tool featuring PPG IdeaScapes projects. The project gallery showcases the use of PPG glass, metal coatings and paints products and is designed to assist you in finding the best PPG product(s) to achieve your vision.

Building Information and Modeling (BIM)

Building Information files for PPG Architectural Glass Products are available for download as Revit(r) Architecture files on sweets.com and Reed Construction/SmartBIM.

PPG Extrusion Color Family Pricing Tool

PPG Industrial Coatings online Extrusion Color Family Pricing Tool enables customers to search the PPG extrusion coatings product database by code, brand name or color type, then use that information to find the exact pricing category for the individual products they want to quote or purchase, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.