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PPG Green Building Products

At PPG, we understand that green building is the new construction standard and that sustainability is the key to green design. That’s why we’re committed to creating and enhancing environmentally progressive products like the ones displayed in the illustration above.

Among the most significant is our entire line of architectural glass products, which has been Cradle to Cradle Certified®. PPG is the first glass manufacturer in the U.S. to achieve this designation, signaling our commitment to meeting the building needs of both our customers and our planet. For detailed information about the many different products PPG produces that contribute to green building, please review the links below:

PPG enhances a green building’s operation and performance by providing durable, protective, energy conserving and quality indoor air products, including brands such as Duranar® ULTRA-Cool, Solarban® glass, Pittsburgh Paints® and Porter® Paints.

Additionally, PPG manufactures other products that indirectly benefit a green building. In the renewable energies marketplace, for example, PPG’s low-iron glass is used as cover glass in photovoltaic products, and our fiberglass is used for wind turbine blades. Both of these innovative components enhance performance to optimize renewable energy generation.

Whether your goal is to earn LEED or Green Globes certification, or simply to reduce the overall operating costs of your project over its lifespan and minimize its impact on the environment, PPG’s collection of green building products—including glass, metal coatings and paints can help.

Role your mouse over the product descriptions to learn where PPG products are used, and navigate the remaining web pages to further learn how PPG contributes to green buildings.