Honors and Awards

Oscars of Invention            

Because the contributions of its associates in the area of scientific research have played such a significant role in PPG's continuing success, the company has established a program of awards to recognize significant achievements in that area.

The PPG INNOVA award was created to recognize and reward the Innovation Process in support of PPG’s 20/20 growth goals. This award differs from other existing recognition programs by its focus on rewarding projects early in the development process. Innovative, market-driven projects created through solid collaboration between marketing and technical personnel will compete for this award.

The PPG Collegium - Membership in the Collegium is the highest honor that PPG can bestow. Individuals eligible for election as PPG Distinguished Colleagues to the PPG Collegium must have demonstrated sustained contributions to the technical advancement of the company for over a period of not less than 10 years. Active members work with important research, development and engineering groups within the company, and the Collegium is establishing a sustained record of contributions to PPG's technical operations. Collegium membership is for life, and the organization meets biennially to elect new members.

The PPG President's Award for Technical Achievement. This award is made to individuals or groups who have made outstanding achievements which have contributed to the company's commercial success. Associates are recommended for the PPG President's award by the PPG Collegium.

PPG Corporate Fellow. The position of fellow is the highest rung on the scientific and engineering career ladders at PPG. A Corporate Fellow must demonstrate superior technical achievements and technical leadership, as demonstrated by outstanding success in the development of dominant technologies with significant commercial impact, and the capability of continuing technical excellence.

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