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Silicas Products

PPG is a global leader in the manufacture of precipitated silicas. We have been in the Silicas business since the 1930’s and are dedicated to continuous innovation and the development of new technologies. We offer a complete line of specialized silicas developed for a wide variety of industries and a broad array of processing requirements. Our business is dedicated to delivering unsurpassed quality and service to its customers.

The Monroeville facility conducts an ambitious program of research. Improving the efficiency of PPG's chlor-alkali production is also an important focus of the Monroeville center. In addition to new discovery projects, specific research initiatives underway at Monroeville include:

Optical monomers, whose end uses include a full range of prescription and cosmetic eyewear lenses and form the basis for Transitions® photochromic lenses as well as an expanding family of variable-tint eyewear. Constant improvement of lens products is the key to long-term success.

Specialty precipitated amorphous silicas, used for tires, toothpaste, rubber reinforcement, paint and batteries. Research at Monroeville supports PPG's production of silicas at plants around the world.

Teslin® substrate

A unique microporous material, Teslin® substrate offers game-changing benefits that enable a wide variety of applications—making Teslin substrate a preferred material for card, specialty print, in-mold graphic, tag and label use, as well as technology-focused applications, such as e-Passports and radio frequency identification (RFID) cards and labels.

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