Why We Do What We Do

The coatings industry is considered a relatively stable one. PPG, by applying its technological resources has been able to expand into major positions in various industry market segments worldwide, thus accounting for growth in its coatings and resins business.

Electrodeposition coatings are an excellent example of PPG's ability to identify a key market and capture it with a better product. Such coatings currently provide corrosion protection for most of the automobiles produced throughout the world.

The Coatings and Resins Group has nearly 50 manufacturing, customer support, and research and development facilities in ten countries, including the U.S., Canada, Mexico, England, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, South Korea and Japan.

At the heart of this expansion into world market leadership positions are the research and development personnel at Allison Park and Springdale. It is our effort that is largely responsible for the development of proprietary and innovative technological positions that PPG holds in the coatings and resins business.

Product innovations in the industrial and automotive coatings business have been propelled recently by three primary forces. The first are increasingly stringent environmental standards which sharply limit emissions into the atmosphere from volatile organic compounds, including traditional paint solvents. These regulations have forced major adjustments in paint production processing and application technology.

The second factor has been a push to lower coating costs for industrial users. This can be achieved in a variety of ways including reducing the number of coats that need to be applied, cutting down on the labor involved in application, shortening the time to coat a product, reducing the energy required to cure the coating, eliminating waste and reducing failure rates.

The third force driving new coatings technology is obtaining improved product performance. Depending on the applications, this might include improved resistance to fading, blistering, cracking and peeling. It could also include increased hardness, better adhesion, greater flexibility or improved weather resistance. Other dimensions of performance range from achieving specific appearance characteristics, to ease of application, to resistance against a wide range of chemical, thermal or abrasive hazards. As new products, materials and manufacturing processes are introduced throughout industry, they create a corresponding need for coatings with these special performance features. PPG's Coatings and Resins research has been able to fill the need.

The same type of creative effort also supports PPG's efforts in the trade, or house paint market. Wallhide® latex flat wall paint, for example, is twice as durable and scrubbable as all other major premium paint products tested. And among heavy duty maintenance products, PPG's Pitt-Char® epoxy coating, for use on structural steel in industrial plants, has received the highest fire performance rating in its class from the independent Underwriters Laboratories.

PPG is the world's leading producer of automotive and industrial coatings. These products include coatings for the automotive, appliance, beverage container, metal fabricating and refinish markets. It is also a major supplier of coatings applied to continuous coils of steel and aluminum prior to their fabrication into finished products. The PPG also is a top producer of architectural finishes under the Pittsburgh®, Olympic® and Lucite® labels.