Core Compentencies


Chlorine/Caustic Manufacturing Process
Organic Chlorination
Phosgene Chemistry
Complex Organic Molecule Synthesis/Manufacturing
Chiral Hydrogenation
Photochromic Materials and Lenses
Monomers for Ophthalmic Lenses
Silica Particle Engineering


Glass Composition
Glass Melting and Forming
Complex Fabrication
Tempering and Laminating
Glass Surface Science
Pyrolytic and CVD Coatings
MSVD (Vacuum) Coatings
Antennas Technology
Chemical Tempering
High Strength Composites
Acoustic Composites
Process Control Technologies
Intercept IG Technologies

Fiber Glass

High Speed Fiber Coating
Application Specific Coatings for Glass Fibers
Melting Glass Technology
Fiber Forming Technology
Glass Yarn Twisting
Needled Matt Technology
Composite Reinforcements
Glass Composition
Environmentally Friendly Glass Technology
Fabric Weaving Technology
Certified (AALA) composite testing laboratory


Polymer Design and Synthesis
Corrosion Control Coatings
Electrodeposition of Coatings
Surface Analysis
High Performance Coatings
Coatings Application Science
Aircraft Coatings
Adhesives and Sealants
Pigment Dispersions and Color
Waterborne Coatings Technology