Science and Engineering

Each of PPG's product lines and business units is supported by a comprehensive program of research and development. Facilities not far from PPG headquarters
house a series of technical projects which keep the company's products and production facilities at the leading edge of their respective industries.

New Products - Keeping a stream of superior new and upgraded products flowing to its customers is one way that the company is leveraging its technological strength in the global marketplace.

Environmental Benefits - Eliminating adverse environmental effects of PPG's products at any point in their life cycle, as well as making its own production processes environment-friendly, have been an ongoing aspect of the company's technical efforts.

Cost Reduction - PPG products are frequently sold on the basis of their contribution to overall customer cost reduction. Developing techniques of applying the company's products in ways that minimize time, energy use, capital requirements, secondary materials and rework are a major technical goal of PPG.

Production Efficiency - Particularly in the company's commodity-oriented businesses, reducing costs associated with production, packaging and delivery are critical to maintaining PPG's competitive posture. Finding techniques that cut these expenses are a pillar of PPG's research effort.

Cycle-time Reduction - Minimizing the time needed to fill customer orders for specially formulated coatings, glass products, fiber glass reinforcements and textiles, and proprietary chemicals, is a key success factor in global competition. Devising procedures to cut cycle time is another major thrust of PPG research.

Performance Improvement - Particularly for PPG's proprietary products, increasing their ease of use, life span, resistance to hazards, and effectiveness on the job, are continuing goals of the company's ongoing technical efforts.