Health Screenings

Your approach to health should be by the numbers-weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose levels and body mass index.

Knowing these and other important numbers, and doing what it takes to keep them within the appropriate range, is crucial to achieving and maintaining good health. That's why health screenings, whether they involve a physical exam, lab tests or other procedures, are key to helping you and your doctor asses your current health status.

Do not be afraid to self screen for depression. Employee Assistance Programs, support and treatment are available. They may work best if symptoms are identified and addressed early and timely.

Here are a few simple ways to get acquainted with your numbers:
  • Get a complete physical examination on a regular basis;
  • Undergo screenings for diabetes, cancer, cholesterol, blood pressure, etc., as recommended by a doctor;
  • Complete the online Wellness Checkpoint Health Risk Assessment;
  • Assess personal risk factors, such as family history, lifestyle choices and habits;
  • Schedule a mammography, colonoscopy and other cancer screenings on a regular basis, as well as immunizations and boosters; and
  • Get an annual flu shot.
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