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The social aspect of healthy living is actually pretty important. One of the greatest assets you have when it comes to nurturing a healthy lifestyle is access to talk with fellow employees who can share insights and successes, while understanding the challenges we all face. 

The Culture of Health Community site lets you post/answer questions, share information, post recipes, exchanged ideas, nominate Healthy Champions and network with other PPG employees at your location and around the world.

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As part of our commitment to our Culture of Health, we will be providing you with information in a unique manner. Come back from time to time to see what's new. We will be adding new games and tools regularly. Choose a game below to PLAY NOW! 




The Culture of Health video collection features: 

  • Mediterranean Patyh Webinar Archive
  • Dr. Will Clower - Shopping Trip
  • Highlights from the 2011 PPG Health & Wellness Summit 
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Looking for something healthy to read?  Have a look at our online library of articles featuring an archive of PPG Today stories and links to reliable resources.

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