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Taking the Wellness Checkpoint can make a difference in your life. It turns your computer workstation into a personal health advisor. Helping you take stock of your health risks, the Wellness Checkpoint will show how even simple changes in your lifestyle can make a real difference in your odds of good health.

  • Do you have a history of heart disease in your family?
  • Do you know you need to lose some weight but find yourself on the diet roller coaster?
  • Have you just learned that your cholesterol level is higher than recommended?
  • Do you smoke? Do you drink more than two drinks of alcohol at any one time?
  • How important is exercise? Changing your eating habits? Stopping smoking?
  • No time for major changes? Will even small changes make a difference?
  • How healthy is your lifestyle?
  • How can you help your family protect their most valuable asset -- GOOD HEALTH?
If any of these questions hit close to home, take time to invest in preventive maintenance for your body.

How does it work?

Wellness Assessment guides you through a personal inventory of lifestyle, family and personal health factors. Your responses are immediately evaluated against national and international research, standards and guidelines.

Your Wellness Risk Score is calculated based on a multi-dimensional model that weighs the various factors, their relative impact and interrelationships. This score is broken down between factors you can't change and those where the choice is yours. Personalized feedback is presented for each of risk factor and its effect on the total score is shown graphically. You can now consider your risk profile and how each factor contributes to your overall risk.

Set your own goals. Let's say you think you can lose 15 pounds and eat less processed meat and exercise at least 3 times a week. What difference will it make? As new goals are set, their impact is immediately reflected in the GOAL risk score. When you have finished reviewing your results on the screen and setting goals, you can print a profile listing for a permanent record.

Your personal profile scores each factor based on your present lifestyle, lists all the new goals that you have set for yourself and then shows how the scores will be reduced if you reach those goals.

Knowing your risk profile is only the starting point on your personal Road to Wellness. The Wellness Checkpoint now turns into a Personal Planning Guide, rating each risk factor and where you're at in considering change. The no nag, no hassle way to check out the facts with hotlinks to web resources that give you direct access to the best health information on the web, all in the privacy of your workstation.