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The best thing you can do for your health is to really get involved. Know about current health care issues, both personal and legislative; learn what others are doing to promote wellness throughout PPG; and find out ways you can take action to improve your own health.



Dads Help Kids Learn (July 2005)
The Role of the Father (July 2005)
Healthy People 2010 (July 2004)


Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Quality Tools™ Clearinghouse

This Web-based clearinghouse provides practical, ready-to-use tools to help health-care providers, policymakers, plans, purchasers, patients and consumers measure and improve the quality of health care within practices, organizations or daily life. The tools can help improve delivery and receipt of care as well as implementation of quality-related recommendations, initiatives or principles, and the site can help educate about health needs and thereby inform care decisions. The National Healthcare Quality Report and the National Healthcare Disparities Report are also featured on this site.

10 Keys™ to Healthy Living and Aging Resource Guide

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