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Hi! How are you?

On behalf of PPG, let me welcome you to PPG WELLNESS NEWS CENTRAL.

This space is dedicated to the health promotion and wellness initiatives that are taking place throughout PPG. This is YOUR place for you to critique, add to, and improve. Although what you see now is only in its infancy, we hope with your help to quickly develop this space in a useful collection of information and services. A place where you could find out about scheduled wellness events at major PPG work sites, compare best practices across PPG work places, communicate with other wellness teams, find out how to evaluate the quality of a Health Plan, suggest which educational material should be further expanded, connect to selected, reputable, evidence based, health info and more.

Like any initial human effort, this requires a lot of improvements. We are well aware of that. Nevertheless we count on your participation and feedback to make both continuous improvement possible and make YOU the owner of this communication hub.

Alberto Colombi MD, MPH