Starting Ideas 

Event Tips – Ideas to create your own events at your worksite

Provide fresh fruit in the employee breakroom.

Offer free blood pressure screening or cholesterol screening for employees.

Hold a Healthy Recipe and Tasting Contest. Offer prize incentives for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.

Conduct a walk in the morning or at noon, or mini-walks throughout the day. Get senior management involved!

Obtain a speaker from a non-profit agency to speak on a health-related topic.

No time for an activity? Distribute health education materials to employees. Example: payroll stuffers.

Offer a health risk assessment.

Distribute a survey to employees to determine appropriate wellness needs and interests.

Have a health fair where each department competes for creating the healthiest booth.

Feature a healthy menu in your cafeteria or breakroom.

Offer and label healthy food and drink options in vending machines. Label best choices.

Arrange corporate discounts for fitness and health club memberships.

Create awareness by hanging health-related posters in the workplace or placing wellness information in your company newsletter.

Wear tennis shoes/jogging suits to work.