10 Keys™ to Healthy Living and Aging 

The 10 Keys™  to Healthy Living and Aging is being spearheaded by PPG's performance coatings businesses. The program was developed by the Center for Healthy Aging, Graduate School of Public Health, at the University of Pittsburgh.

For more information, visit http://www.healthyaging.pitt.edu/logo.html.


To learn more:

      1. Check blood pressure regularly 
      2. Don't smoke 
      3. Participate in cancer screenings 
      4. Get regular immunizations 
      5. Regulate blood glucose 
      6. Lower LDL cholesterol 
      7. Be physically active
      8. Prevent bone loss/muscle weakness (exercise) 
      9. Stay mentally sharp/maintain social contact 
    10. Combat depression


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Center for Healthy Aging Featured on the Jennifer TV Show

Constance Mols Bayles, PhD, program director for the GSPH Center for Healthy Aging, was featured on the May 4 edition of the Jennifer TV Show on WTAE TV in Pittsburgh.

Click here to view the clip.

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