Challenge 2000 Stock Options 

Merrill Lynchs Web site is available to you to access information about the Challenge 2000 plan and exercise your option 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In February, 2005, you were given an account number and personal identification number (PIN) to allow you to access the website. Below are some supporting documents that provide information on how to exercise your stock option grant and the fees associated with exercising your grant.

C. W. Wises Challenge 2000 Letter dated 2/1/05
Summary of Challenge 2000 Stock Option Program
Merrill Lynch Introductory Letter
Merrill Lynch New Account Form
Merrill Lynch at a Glance Document
Merrill Lynch Choosing an Exercise Method

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The most effective way to exercise your grant is through Merrill Lynch's Web site ( www.benefits.ml.com). However, if you are unable to access the web site, you call the Merrill Lynch Participant Service Center. In the U.S., Puerto Rico or Canada call (866) PPG-4344 or if you are calling from a different country call (609) 818-8461.

You will be prompted for your account number and PIN. After three requests it will transfer you to a service representative; however, to speak to a service representative, press 0. If you have your account number (SSN or non-US number) but not your PIN, you will be able to reset your PIN through the voice response system or through a service representative, and you can then proceed to through the website.