PPG Solarban 70XL Glass Now Available Through PPG Certified Fabricator and Commercial Window Fabricator Networks
Solarban 70XL Glass Offers Clear Aesthetic With Unprecedented Combination of Solar Control and Visible Light Transmittance

PITTSBURGH, April 26, 2006 – PPG Industries (NYSE:PPG) announced that Solarban 70XL glass, the company’s latest solar control low-emissivity glass, is now available as a standard inventory item exclusively through the company’s certified fabricator program (CFP) and certified commercial window fabricators (CCWF) program.

Solarban 70XL glass offers an unprecedented combination of solar control and visible light transmittance with a transparent, color-neutral appearance. As a result of its exceptional performance, Solarban 70XL glass has the potential to generate unprecedented energy savings in commercial buildings where glazing is a major architectural element.

When combined with clear glass in a standard one-inch insulating glass unit, Solarban 70XL has a solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) of 0.27 with a visible light transmittance (VLT) of 61 percent. That equates to a light-to-solar gain (LSG) ratio of 2.33, which surpasses the performance of any other solar control low-E glass on the market.

A study comparing the energy-saving potential of Solarban 70XL glass to several other high-performance solar control low-E glasses showed that specification of Solarban 70XL glass could defray initial capital costs for cooling equipment by as much as 26 percent. Comparable equipments cost savings were realized in each of 270 energy-consumption scenarios.

In addition to these upfront savings, building operators can reap long-term benefits. With Solarban 70XL glass, annual cooling costs for each building were cut 3 to 5 percent, producing projected savings of up to $400,000 over 20 years.

With its neutral appearance, Solarban 70XL glass can be specified with a clear aesthetic or combined in an insulating glass unit with tinted glass from the PPG Oceans of Color collection of spectrally selective tinted glasses.

PPG’s CFP and CCWF program are nationwide networks of elite glass suppliers trained and audited by PPG to provide exceptional product quality and customer service, include accelerated product delivery and rapid replacement glass during and after construction. To locate a PPG CFP or CCCWF program participant in your area, call 1-888-PPG-IDEA or visit www.ppgideascapes.com.

PPG Industries is the largest flat glass manufacturer in North America. The company’s glass businesses supply glass for commercial and residential construction markets, products for industrial and specialty applications, as well as automotive, aircraft and other transportation original equipment, and replacement windshields and windows. PPG also is a global producer of coatings, fiber glass and chemicals. Sales in 2005 were $10.4 billion.

Oceans of Color and Solarban are trademarks of PPG Industries.


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