Survey shows PPG brand recognition growing in building products market

PITTSBURGH, March 28, 2007 – PPG Industries (NYSE:PPG) is making significant headway in its efforts to build brand awareness in the fractured building products market, according to a recently completed market research report.

The study, a follow-up to a benchmark survey conducted three years earlier, shows that nearly four in five architects (78 percent) are familiar with the PPG name, an increase of 13 percent. In addition, PPG placed fifth among building product manufacturers in unaided name recognition.

Patrick J. Kenny, general manager of PPG corporate marketing and business manager of the company’s Construction Market Team, noted that PPG is privileged to occupy such a rarified level of name recognition in the building products industry. “In a highly fragmented industry like ours, with literally tens of thousands of brands vying for attention, the fact that so many people know and think highly of our company gives us a tremendous advantage in the marketplace,” he explained.

A Green Building Leader

Building product manufacturers around the world are devoting major marketing resources to establish a green building identity with architects. PPG is, too, and it is apparent that the effort is paying off.

The company was viewed as the “green leader” among surveyed architects in both the exterior fluoropolymer coating and architectural glass markets.

PPG significantly outpaced all competitors for awareness levels in the architectural glass market. Four in five architects cited awareness of PPG architectural glass, a jump of 24 percent over the 2003 study.

Awareness of PPG in the exterior fluoropolymer coatings market more than quadrupled between the 2003 and 2006 studies, going from 10 percent to 44 percent. As for individual brands in this category, Duranar by PPG was tied for the most recognized product.

Pittsburgh Paints had the third highest level of awareness and was among the most preferred brands, with architects citing past experience and color selection as the key reasons for making Pittsburgh Paints their top choice.

Robert J. Struble, branding and communications team leader for the PPG Construction Market Team, said the survey serves as a “brand report card” that gauges the overall effectiveness of the company’s marketing efforts to the building industry.

“Three years ago, the Construction Market Team was formed with the express purpose of building a stronger relationship with the architect and building communities,” he said. “Based on the results of this survey, it appears that our strategy is paying off.”

Struble noted that the study also surveyed architects on their preferred informational sources for product information. “This gives us very good insight in managing our communications budget to focus on the tools architects most value,” he added.

PPG Delivering on Its Promises

The latest study shows that PPG is continuing to meet or exceed architect expectations, showing significant improvement in measures for product durability and product features, the two most critical attributes architects cited when selecting building products.

Architects were asked to identify the attributes they associated most strongly with “an ideal building products manufacturer.” Among the top eight attributes, PPG drew high rankings in six of them. The company scored well in ideal characteristics such as product reliability, product durability, product specifications and features, lifecycle performance, sample availability and product warranty.

Overall, across all 16 “ideal building product manufacturer characteristic” categories, the survey indicates that PPG is exceeding the performance and service expectations of architects.

The 10-minute online survey was completed by 629 qualified architects, producing ±3.9-percent accuracy at the 95-percent confidence level. The study reached a representative cross-section of U.S. architects by firm size, geography, job title and years of experience.

About PPG
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