Pittsburgh Paints offers new ways for consumers to go 'green' in 2008

New color trends express heightened global eco-consciousness

PITTSBURGH, Oct. 25, 2007 – Pittsburgh Paints today announced its 2008-09 emerging color trends. EcoEcho is a reflection of the heightened environmental consciousness impacting our lives and influencing our style. The color palettes, part of Pittsburgh Paints’ The Voice of Color program, are designed to echo the growing interest in the ecological/environmental movement and represent the cultural shift toward balance and authenticity as well as our quest for more organic and eco-friendly colors in the home.

“It has always felt good to be green, and now it looks good, too,” said Josette Buisson, artistic director of Pittsburgh Paints. “Beauty in our surroundings has evolved not only as an aesthetic concept but as an expression of our core values. More and more consumers are beginning to seek environmentally-friendly choices.”

Buisson noted that eco-consciousness is being broadcast from every angle, spanning fashion, home décor, automobile design and even food trends. “From paint to cosmetics and jeans to kitchen flooring, our preference for greener options makes a statement about who we are and our new way of life,” Buisson said.

There are many ways to be green, according to Buisson, and it is the strength of this diversity that underpins the palettes of EcoEcho . By identifying four distinct decorating trends, Pittsburgh Paints offers consumers the opportunity to create a very personal, customized approach to going green in color and style.

The four emerging color trends within EcoEcho for 2008-2009 are:

  • Fair Trade – Warm, natural, organic colors comprise this trend, which is deeply attached to a respect for nature and for fundamental human values. It jostles attitudes of ultra-consumerism as it restores esteem for the handmade and the carefully crafted. Fair Trade, reminiscent of the fashion colors of the ’70s, epitomizes the necessity of socially-responsible actions in design and sustainability.
  • EcoTechno – Basic core colors and essential neutrals achieve harmony when confronted with today’s technology. The colors symbolize balance between rigor and innovation – the grounding beige and white contrast with the more assertive red, green and blue. Aligned with the concepts of simplicity and innovation, EcoTechno style is measured, well-balanced, and efficient – at home in a space equipped with intelligent products that have multiple functions and reduced energy consumption.
  • EcoLoco – Bold, beautiful pink, orange and blue share the stage with acidic green in this palette, born of freedom and new possibilities. EcoLoco stems from a strong belief in the capacity of the human mind to create change. This trend is audacious, humorous and exuberant at heart, combining glamour and eccentricity and revisiting the classics with irreverence.
  • Vintage – Soft, nuanced colors lend a nostalgic charm to this trend, inspired by authenticity and sensibility. It mixes personal memories, the noble patina of time and a fascination with beautiful objects of the past. Eschewing sharp contrasts, this quietly wintry palette captures colors touched by a gentle dusting of time – from pale, spidery blue to paper turned creamy-yellow with age.
Environmental sustainability is the most powerful trend to influence home décor and building design in a generation, according to PPG, manufacturer of Pittsburgh Paints. To help consumers create greener spaces, both in look and function, PPG has developed an exclusive selection of products that meet environmental sustainability specifications, including Pittsburgh Paints Pure Performance Paints, an environmentally-conscious paint line with zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Pittsburgh Paints Pure Performance Paints feature minimal odor during application and drying, and mildew resistance on the paint film. The first paint to receive Green Seal Class A Certification, Pure Performance Paint is available in four sheens and more than 1,800 colors, including the EcoEcho color trend palettes.

Pittsburgh Paints developed The Voice of Color program on the premise that every color has an emotional association and individuals are drawn to different colors for reasons inherently tied to their unique personalities. To learn more about Pittsburgh Paints and begin the tour of your personal color palette, visit www.voiceofcolor.com.

PPG employs more than 20 color stylists around the world, each specializing in different markets, who collaborate to determine styles and color trends for the home, electronics, and automobiles. PPG’s unique position as a color leader in multiple markets enables its color stylists to observe and translate emerging global color trends for customers’ applications – from consumer goods to automotive color, from residential to commercial to industrial design.

Pittsburgh Paints has provided quality paints for more than 100 years to consumer, commercial and industrial markets. Consumer brands include Manor Hall, SunProof and Pure Performance paints. Pittsburgh Paints are manufactured by PPG Industries.

About PPG
Pittsburgh-based PPG is a global supplier of paints, coatings, chemicals, optical products, specialty materials, glass and fiber glass. The company has more than 150 manufacturing facilities and equity affiliates and operates in more than 60 countries. PPG's sales in 2007 were US$11.2 billion. SigmaKalon, a worldwide coatings producer based in Uithoorn, Netherlands, that PPG acquired Jan. 2, 2008, had 2007 sales of US$2.9 billion. PPG shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange (symbol: PPG). For more information, visit www.ppg.com.

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