PPG Industries joins ENERGY STAR program

Company implements energy management plan

PITTSBURGH, Nov. 8, 2007 – PPG Industries (NYSE: PPG) has joined ENERGY STAR, a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) aimed at helping to save money and protect the environment through energy-efficient products and practices.

"We've made a fundamental commitment to protect the environment by continuously improving our energy performance," said Victoria M. Holt, senior vice president, glass and fiber glass, in announcing PPG's membership in the ENERGY STAR program. "We believe implementing organization-wide energy management efforts will help PPG enhance its financial health and value and will aid in preserving our world for the future."

Holt co-chairs PPG's energy security and climate change steering committee with James A. Trainham, vice president, science and technology. The steering committee is working to develop an energy reduction plan for all PPG facilities.

“PPG will benchmark and track its energy performance using tools and methods offered through ENERGY STAR,” Trainham said. “We will develop and implement a plan to reduce energy intensity across all our facilities and operations according to the ENERGY STAR energy management strategy, and we will educate PPG employees and the public about the ENERGY STAR partnership.”

PPG is on the leading edge of the green building movement, offering EcoLogical Building Solutions by PPG – an exclusive collection of glass, coatings and paints for sustainable design. Many of these products meet or exceed ENERGY STAR performance levels.

Solarban 70XL glass is a solar control, low-emissivity (low-e) glass that transmits 64 percent of the sun’s visible light while maintaining a solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) of 0.27. Along with products such as Solarban 60, Solarban 80 and Solarban z50 low-e glasses, Vistacool subtly reflective, color-enriched glasses, and the Oceans of Color collection of spectrally selective tinted glasses, PPG can offer architects many environmentally progressive glass options.

Coatings and paints that protect and beautify buildings while safeguarding the environment include field-applied Coraflon ADS (air-dried system) fluoropolymer coatings, a colorful line for architects restoring weathered exterior building elements, and Duranar SPF coatings, formulated with proprietary infrared-reflective technology that enables architects to brighten rooftops with bold colors while reaping the heat-reflective benefits demanded by LEED certification guidelines. PPG also manufactures Pittsburgh Paints Pure Performance paint, which was introduced in 2002 and is the first high-quality, zero-VOC, low-odor interior latex paint to earn Class A Certification from Green Seal.

ENERGY STAR is a voluntary program backed by the federal government that sets standards for superior energy efficiency in buildings, products and services. To date, more than 30,000 commercial and industrial buildings have used ENERGY STAR tools to identify opportunities for energy efficiency improvements, and more than 3,200 of these buildings have earned the ENERGY STAR. For more information, visit www.ENERGYSTAR.gov.

About PPG
Pittsburgh-based PPG is a global supplier of paints, coatings, chemicals, optical products, specialty materials, glass and fiber glass. The company employs more than 34,000 people and has 125 manufacturing facilities and equity affiliates in more than 25 countries. PPG shares are traded on the New York and Philadelphia stock exchanges (symbol: PPG). For more information, visit www.ppg.com.

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Betsy Mallison Bialosky