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SHANGHAI, July 9, 2009 – Trendsetters are gearing up for summer and gathering the latest accessories. As the ultimate functional accessory, eyewear makes a personal statement of self-expression. At a recently held Optical Products Seminar here, PPG Industries (NYSE: PPG) introduced its NXT sunlenses and Trivex eyeglass lens material to embellish wearers’ overall look and to help protect their eyes.

NXT lenses – based on a patented series of unbreakable polyurethane optical polymers originally developed to provide superior protection and performance for the military – are now overcoming the challenges of frame design and production, bringing together fashion and performance and inspiring designers, manufacturers and consumers alike. “Now customers can be powered by NXT prescription lenses, even in complex sport frame configurations,” said PPG Optical Materials Asia Business Development Manager Vivian Waters. “Customers in both sports and fashion sectors have embraced the lenses’ unique combination of strengths – light weight, strength and excellent visual acuity.”

Setting the highest standards of protection, performance and reliability, Waters said NXT lenses are setting the bar for high-end luxury eyewear, enhancing appearance and vision with a level of protection and optical quality unmatched by others. “ NXT lens colors, specifically formulated to reflect current fashion trends, are empowering consumers,” she said. Global eyewear brands such as De Rigo, Robert La Roche, Allison and Polaris use NXT lenses to create eyewear at the leading edge of design and quality.

NXT sunlenses also are becoming the choice for both professional and recreational sport enthusiasts, Waters said. In partnership with leading athletic eyewear supplier Rudy Project, NXT lenses are used in a large array of semi-rimless sport styles with the most advanced technology for high impact resistance. “ NXT lenses offer cutting-edge technology for the protection of vision and increased comfort to meet any top athlete’s demands,” Waters said.

Trivex lens material by PPG is a unique, advanced option developed to offer high performance in day-to-day life. "Lenses made with Trivex monomer deliver critical performance characteristics for everyday living, not just for an active lifestyle or as a fashion lens,” said Michael Lu, account manager, North Asia, PPG Optical Products. “With crisp clarity, ultra-light weight, high tensile strength and protection, PPG’s optical products meet life's visual demands. We perform rigorous and extensive product testing to ensure lens wearers receive exceptional product performance and reliability."

This summer, PPG Optical Products will revolutionize the Chinese market with a new standard of lens, giving wearers a new frontier for choosing eyewear optimized to their total needs.

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