PPG releases advisory on cyanuric acid in recreational water facilities

Information, action steps related to CYA levels, regulations and more

PITTSBURGH, Sept. 24, 2009 – The Accu-Tab system commercial pool water treatment group of PPG Industries (NYSE:PPG) has announced the release of “Know Your Limits: The FYI on CYA,” the first in a series of previously announced informational advisories.

“The FYI on CYA” reveals findings regarding the use of stabilizer, namely cyanuric acid (CYA), in recreational water facilities based on a survey of qualified commercial pool owners and operators throughout the United States. The survey found that half the pool owners and operators who responded were unaware of the proper levels of stabilizer at which to operate their pools.

“Cyanuric acid significantly increases the time it takes for chlorine to kill harmful microorganisms such as Cryptosporidium,” said Dr. Stan Pickens, PPG senior research associate for Accu-Tab chlorination systems. “As the level of CYA rises, the activity of free chlorine is slowed. While CYA can be helpful in slowing the loss of free chlorine due to photodecomposition by sunlight, excessive concentrations can have a detrimental impact on disinfection and oxidation rates, and water quality experts are realizing that as little as 50 parts per million of CYA may be considered excessive.”

The advisory cites changes to codes and recommendations regarding the amount of CYA in recreational water that are in place or being considered. To prepare for these upcoming changes and to help pool operators keep their facilities safe for patrons, the advisory outlines a series of actions to follow regarding CYA including checking levels on a regular basis, using it in outdoor swimming pools only and limiting levels to 20 parts per million.

To learn more about CYA and recreational water facilities, and for a complete list of recommended action steps and additional survey findings, download “Know your Limits: The FYI on CYA” at www.accu-tab.com/cya.

Accu-Tab System Advisories are a series of informational bulletins highlighting issues important to the recreational water industry. Their information and corresponding action steps are based on surveys of qualified commercial pool owners and operators throughout the United States, health inspectors and other relevant populations.

Part of the Accu-Tab System Advisor Series from PPG, these advisories are designed to help commercial pool owners and operators make informed decisions in operating their recreational water facilities more safely, effectively and efficiently. For more information about the Accu-Tab System, please visit www.accu-tab.com.

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