2010 color trends for home mix classic, calming neutrals with energizing pinks, yellows

PPG Porter Paints predicts homeowners will find inspiration for 'now' in timeless colors from 'then'

PITTSBURGH, Dec. 1, 2009 – PPG Porter Paints' The Voice of Color® program sees homeowners taking a much more conscientious approach to color choices in 2010. Deeply rooted in what's happening in current society, home colors will reflect people's simultaneous needs for change, and something sustaining and timeless. Taking their cue from the "now" even as they embrace the "then" of the past, there are 20 colors highlighted in the four distinct new color trend palettes in PPG Porter Paints' The Voice of Color program for 2010/2011 – Canvas, Grace, Pink City and Zest. The palettes blend calming, classic neutrals with standouts such as an exotic raspberry pink and an uplifting bright yellow.

"Frivolous choices are a thing of the past," said Dee Schlotter, brand manager, The Voice of Color, PPG Porter Paints. "Today's color trends have staying power. You renew instead of buying new. You choose sustainable colors with an environmental and economic awareness that's becoming second nature for us all."

Eagerly anticipated each year, new color trends follow the fluid movement of the home fashion market and resonate with consumers' desire to constantly reinvent themselves and their living spaces. And because a trend is never about just one color, Schlotter noted that each new PPG Porter Paints palette is represented by a signature Voice of Color five-color card that expresses the mood of the trend. Here are the four new color trend palettes for 2010/2011:

  • Canvas – Born of a deep craving for silence and space, the Canvas palette helps to create environments that allow those who dwell within them the freedom to think, to renew, to remove all boundaries and begin again. The Canvas palette is composed of:
    • The soulful dark colors of silence – a deep gray-brown and an asphalt gray-blue – convey a calm and quieting spirit.
    • The colors of space – one muted beige and a warmer beige paired with a basic chalky white – lend the harmony of minimalism to evoke space maximalism

The palette is minimal, organic, and spacious. Canvas is a sophisticated blend of the modern and the rustic with clean and uncluttered design. It is characterized by simplified shapes, natural materials, raw textures and rugged surfaces. Linen, cotton, hemp and pale bleached woods complement the palette.

  • Grace – Serene, elegant and sophisticated, but never nouveau. Grace has a delicate and complex sense of style that bespeaks the knowledge of tradition and a quiet confidence in one's own personal taste. A beautiful atmosphere inspired by the ineffable elegance of Grace Kelly and the classic luxury of cherished belongings.

    The palette of Grace grounds those who live within it, while providing a touch of lustre. The hues of Grace range from pale butter to golden to deep bronze-gold. Neither overtly feminine nor overly neutral, they work both in matte and mineral (slightly metallic) finishes. An essential creamy white and a soft linen convey depth and sturdiness. A restful and serene seafoam blue-green adds a touch of nature and freshness.

The palette is refined, romantic and sumptuous. Grace embraces the look of precious metals, mirrored surfaces, shimmering silks and soft woven jacquards. With discerning taste, Grace assuredly mixes gold tones and antique brass, sateen, cashmere, damask, crystal and well-loved adornments.

  • Pink City – Mysterious, exotic, sensual and eclectic. Like the Indian Pink City of Jaipur for which it is named, the Pink City palette vibrates with the very pulse of life and the spirit of adventure. Pink City represents the destination on a journey of self-discovery. It is a testament to the power of creativity and the allure of warm, saturated colors.

    A vibrant, profound Indian pink and a spicy, rusty orange play against an off-white linen. A stony gray and a chocolate brown combine to reflect urbanity, masculinity and a grounding place for the rest of the palette.

A mix of ethnic exoticism and modern sophistication, Pink City features leather, chenille, intricate prints, dark woods, rattan, tortoise shell and crushed velvet.

  • Zest – Playful, fashionable, spirited and sassy. Zest is pure, concentrated happiness to rev up the décor of the home fashionista who is not afraid of making a bold statement. At once glamorous and fun-loving, Zest winks its eye to the style of Palm Springs circa 1950s as it pays tribute to the excitement of the '70s and early '80s.

    A high-energy yellow + a pure white + a steely gray + a sleek black = an unapologetic color theme that leaves boring far behind.

    Through a mix of geometric forms, quirky shapes and bright finishes, Zest provokes a positive and contemporary outlook on design. Zest incorporates retro patterns, transparency, lacquer, angular and faceted cuts, and black and white high-gloss objects to brighten favorite spaces. Of the new palettes for 2010/2011, Zest may not have quite the timeless staying power of the other three – but no one can deny its power to pack a punch!

The Then and Now color palettes, as well as the more than 1,800 colors from The Voice of Color, are available in any of PPG Porter Paints' paint lines, including environmentally responsible Pure Performance paints. Pure Performance paints were used to restore the interior of Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater. These premium-quality paints have zero volatile organic compounds and feature minimal odor during application and drying.

To learn more about PPG Porter Paints and The Voice of Color's Then and Now color palettes, and to find the dealer nearest you, visit the PPG Porter Paints color Web site at www.voiceofcolor.com.

PPG employs more than 20 color stylists around the world, each specializing in different markets, who collaborate to determine styles and color trends for the home, electronics and automobiles. PPG's unique position as a color leader in multiple markets enables it to observe and translate emerging global color trends for its customers' applications – from consumer goods to automotive color, from residential to commercial to industrial design.

PPG Porter Paints developed The Voice of Color program on the premise that every color has an emotional association and that individuals are drawn to different colors for reasons inherently tied to their unique personalities. With more than 1,800 colors to choose from, the program offers PPG's signature five-color decorating color chips to assist homeowners in choosing colors for all the décor elements in their spaces. The Voice of Color is an integrated, comprehensive design system that offers tools and materials to redefine the world of color. Through an engaging online experience, homeowners can identify their color personalities, and find the colors that best suit their styles, personalities and five senses. Among The Voice of Color elements are the Color Sense Game, yearly color trends, exclusive color families and color palettes – such as Hacienda Style and Fallingwater inspired colors – unique decorating color chips, wet paint sample program, and Web site, www.voiceofcolor.com.

PPG Porter Paints has been providing quality paints for more than 100 years to consumer, commercial and industrial markets. Consumer brands include Silken Touch, Permanizer and Acri-Pro. PPG Porter Paints are manufactured by PPG.

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