PPG introduces ‘thin-film’ wind turbine blade coating system

Offers advanced adhesion, erosion resistance, protection properties

STRONGSVILLE, Ohio, Jan. 7, 2010 – PPG Industries’ (NYSE:PPG) commercial coatings group has launched an advanced “thin-film” HSP-7401 polyurethane primer and AUE-50000 series polyurethane topcoat wind turbine blade coating system. Designed for wind turbine blades, the system uses a thinner build to reduce labor, material use and weight while providing high adhesion, erosion resistance and flexibility protection properties. Global PPG technical teams collaborated to develop the system.

“With the growing international demand for alternative, renewable energy forms, we know how important wind energy is,” said Dave Chapman, PPG global marketing director, commercial coatings. “PPG is extremely active in supporting wind blade manufacturers through the development and application of superior coatings for their products. The HSP-7401 primer and AUE-50000 series topcoat system sets a new standard for efficiency and will dramatically increase blade protection and durability while also lowering production and life-cycle costs.”

The PPG HSP-7401/AUE-50000 series system was developed through extensive global testing to a wide range of blade coating standards and specifications, and the polyurethane primer and topcoat components were designed to work together. Chapman said this system uses up to 60 percent less applied film than conventional polyurethane multicoat systems, providing outstanding adhesion and flexibility.

HSP-7401 primer delivers outstanding adhesion to the composite substrate – the primary attribute required in wind turbine blade finishing – and it is quick-drying and can be topcoated in as little as 30 minutes, Chapman said. He added that AUE-50000 is an extremely erosion-resistant, weather-resilient polyurethane topcoat that offers smoothness and protection from environmental attack elements required in wind blade applications.

Chapman said, when combined, PPG HSP-7401 and AUE-50000 reduce labor and material costs, extend service life, boost blade energy output and increase overall efficiency. The system is also volatile organic compound-compliant to 420 g/l. The two components produce an excellent balance of performance properties that deliver long-term, low-maintenance asset protection in any operating environment including challenging desert and offshore situations, he said.

“Our blade coatings help protect the entire wind energy investment. We’re committed to providing our customers with coatings products that add real, measurable value and will enhance their success.”

PPG has produced coatings for wind turbine blades for more than 30 years. Understanding the process of harnessing and delivering wind energy, as well as the harsh conditions in which wind turbines must operate, has enabled PPG to develop coatings solutions for this rapidly growing industry.

For more information about HSP-7401 polyurethane primer and AUE-50000 series polyurethane topcoat, call 800-647-6050 or visit the PPG Commercial Coatings Web site at www.ppgcommercialcoatings.com.

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