PPG issues advisory on managing recreational water facilities’ carbon footprint

Advisory details ways facilities can be green while keeping water quality clean

PITTSBURGH, June 29, 2010 – The Accu-Tab(R) system commercial pool water treatment group of PPG Industries (NYSE:PPG) has announced the release of “Being Green, Staying Clean: Protecting the Environment and Your Patrons,” the latest in a series of informational advisories.

“Being Green, Staying Clean” provides actionable information on greenhouse gas emissions and best practices for swimming pool owners and operators on how to manage their carbon footprint without sacrificing water quality. The advisory provides practical ideas for implementing green practices at recreational water facilities, lists potential questions that pool owners and operators should ask themselves and lists third-party resources.

“Taking a holistic view of a recreational water facility’s carbon footprint enables pool owners and operators to make smart long-term decisions that not only will help protect the environment, but will help the facility save money,” said Jeffrey Yigdall, PPG director of engineering and international business, glass. Yigdall also chairs the company’s energy and greenhouse gas committee.

“The good news is that pool owners and operators can make some changes toward a reduced carbon footprint without sacrificing water quality,” adds Dr. Stan Pickens, PPG senior research associate for Accu-Tab chlorination systems. “It’s important for pool owners and operators to evaluate all energy-saving measures and how they can potentially impact the facility’s water qualtity. Any changes that negatively impact water quality will not only affect the safety of patrons but will be counterproductive in reducing the facility’s carbon footprint.”

To learn more about green and clean practices for recreational water facilities, download “Being Green, Staying Clean: Protecting the Environment and Your Patrons” at www.accu-tab.com/greenandclean.

Accu-Tab System Advisories are a series of informational bulletins and white papers highlighting issues of critical importance to the recreational water industry. The information and corresponding action steps in these reports are based on the recommendation of seasoned industry professionals and supported by secondary research.

Part of the Accu-Tab System Advisor Series from PPG, these reports are designed to help commercial pool owners and operators make informed decisions in operating their recreational water facilities more safely, effectively and efficiently. For more information about the Accu-Tab system, please visit www.accu-tab.com.

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