PPG named by Fujian Daimler as centralized refinish supplier to distributors

PPG employees introduce the efficient “green” workshop simulation.
SHANGHAI, China, Aug. 11, 2010 – As an important production base within Daimler’s global strategy, Fujian Daimler (FJDA) has successfully imported top-class Mercedes-Benz vans. With the expansion of its sales network in China, FJDA has designated PPG Industries (NYSE:PPG) as its centralized supplier of aftermarket refinish paints. This is the first automotive manufacturer in China that has engaged in centralized procurement of waterborne automotive refinish coatings, with 25 FJDA distributors exclusively providing PPG products.

The first Fujian Daimler Aftermarket Distributor Conference was held July 7-8 at Fujian Daimler Automotive Co., Ltd. The director of FJDA’s after-sales department encouraged distributors to pay more attention to after-sales services, and in particular to waterborne automotive refinish. “The reason why we choose waterborne paints is that they are ‘green’, which is good for the environment, painters and drivers.”

FJDA gives top priority to quality and believes that improving the environment will bring more opportunities for production and innovation. Therefore, it is careful when selecting partners. PPG is a global leader in transportation coatings, the first automotive refinish paint supplier in China and also the first supplier of waterborne paints. Early in 1986, PPG introduced waterborne paint technology for use in original-equipment manufacturing (OEM) assembly. In 1989, the NEXA AUTOCOLOR(R) brand first launched waterborne automotive paint products. In 2003, PPG was the first coating supplier to introduce waterborne automotive paint to the Chinese market. FJDA has selected PPG waterborne automotive paint to reaffirm the two parties’ commitment to promote “green” coatings, and this strengthens PPG's status as an industry leader.

A training series regarding the FJDA-PPG agreement is in full swing all over China. Trainees in different regions have reported that the project is proceeding smoothly.

Mr. Zhang Xiaopeng, PPG OEM and training manager of automotive refinish, China, spoke at the meeting about the advantages of waterborne paints and guidelines for their use, as well as technical support and services provided by PPG on the Daimler project. Ms. Yuan Jeiyi, PPG general manager, automotive refinish, architectural and light industrial coatings, North Asia, and Mr. Yang Yuguang, PPG vice general manager of automotive refinish and light industrial coatings, China, also attended the conference.

“Take a coating plant mixing an average of 4 liters of basecoats every week, for instance. If it turns to PPG waterborne automotive refinish, a total of 115 kilograms of VOC emissions can be reduced each year, equal to exhaust emissions from over 1,000 cars in one year,” Mr. Yang said. “Compared with traditional products, PPG waterborne paints can help realize a savings of 30 percent, with no significant increase in total costs. Moreover, innovative eco-friendly products and processes can greatly improve productivity, save energy and labor costs, and economize on raw materials. Therefore, more benefits can be expected from new products.”

Ms. Yuan said, “PPG is very proud of this cooperation. We are always committed to providing ‘green’ coating solutions to our customers, helping them improve performance and creating more ‘green’ values. FJDA’s choice is the best testimony of our service concept. We are confident in embracing a brilliant future.”

According to statistics from PPG Automotive Refinish, tens of thousands of auto repair shops in more than 60 countries have shifted from using traditional solvent-based coatings to using PPG waterborne automotive refinish coatings. Consequently, more than 10,000 tons of VOC emissions and hundreds of hazardous substances have been reduced.

About PPG
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Chronicle of Events for PPG Waterborne Paints

  • 1986: PPG introduces waterborne paint technology for use in original-equipment manufacturing (OEM) automobile assembly.
  • 1989: ICI Autocolor launches waterborne products.
  • 1990: AQUABASE(R) coating wins Queen’s Award for Technology.
  • 1992: Aquabase coating, the world's first commercialized waterborne automotive refinish system, introduced by ICI Autocolor; patented Microgel technology ensures consistent colors.
  • 1994: Aquabase coating earns U.K. National Automotive Trade Award for Best New Product; PPG establishes first coating plant in Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area to produce high-temperature automotive coatings.
  • 1995: Aquabase coating wins Queen’s Award for Environmental Achievement.
  • 1998: Aquabase coating introduces three-stage pearl finishes and products in compliance with volatile organic compound (VOC) regulations.
  • 1999: PPG launches MAXMAYER(R) AQUAMAX(R) and ENVIROBASE(R) coating systems in Europe; PPG acquires ICI Autocolor and changes name to NEXA AUTOCOLOR(R) brand.
  • 2001: Envirobase undercoat system introduced in North America.
  • 2002: Envirobase coating technology wins U.K. Institute of Transport Management Excellence as best innovation.
  • 2003: Aquabase waterborne automotive refinish coating is first brand of its kind in China.
  • 2005: PPG named supplier to new Beijing JEEP/ Mercedes-Benz plant, first automotive manufacturer in China to adopt waterborne paints; PPG launches Aquabase Plus waterborne automotive refinish coatings.
  • 2006: Aquabase Plus coating designated by Honda-ACURA as exclusive waterborne paint brand for after-sales services in China.
  • 2008: Work with Mercedes-Benz to promote waterborne paints in special repair shops in China; 35 North China shops have adopted Envirobase High Performance coating system to date.
  • 2009:  First waterborne automotive refinish training centre in Chinese educational system set up at Shanghai Communications Polytechnic; PPG has helped five communication colleges to introduce waterborne paints to date.
  • 2010: PPG recognized by FJDA as centralized supplier for its distributors.
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